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Part Number: OFFD-AIRONE-89
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  • Make the first cut. With 26 oz. of cable-cutting, door-prying, life-saving power in the palm of your hand.

    • Cuts battery cables and soft metals in a flash
    • 4 lifesaving functions in 1 powerful little tool
    • Specially designed for First Responders
    • Small enough to slip into a turnout pocket
    • Light enough to let you move fast
    • Precision-made by Channellock in the U.S.A.
    Superheroes have capes. Regular Heroes have the Rescue Tool. Now a cut above. Like the practical and popular original Rescue Tool, Channellock packed the 89 Rescue Tool with functionality. Designed specifically for Firefighters, Police Officers, Emergency Response Professionals and First Responders of all kinds, it’s made in the U.S.A. of drop-forged steel and built to take a beating. The precision mated blades on the cable cutter are heat hardened to quickly shear standard electrical cables, aluminum framing, and other soft metals. The coarse-textured contoured handles provide a secure, non-slip grip, even with heavy gloves. At just 11” long and just 26 oz., it’s light enough not to slow you down…and fits easily into a turnout pocket or our exclusive Leather Sheath.— for those critical rescue situations when every second counts. The Rescue Tool is designed to do more…and do it fast!

    The CL-89 Rescue Tool no longer comes with a window punch on the spanner wrench part of the handle.

    It's a:
    1. Cable Cutter: Precision-mated, Laser Heat-treated cutting edges can shear though copper, aluminum, wires, cables, nails, and other soft metals with ease. Narrow jaw profile fits in tight spots.
    2. Gas Shut-Off: With a slot for shutting off standard gas safety valves.
    3. Pry Bar: Quickly pries open windows and doors.
    4. Spanner Wrench: One handle tightens and loosens hose couplings with ease


    A. Overall Length10.99 in / 279.15 mm
    B. Jaw Length1.43 in / 36.32 mm
    C. Joint Thickness0.53 in / 13.46 mm
    D. Joint Width1.62 in / 41.15 mm
    E. Cutting Edge1.43 in / 36.62 mm
    H. Handle Span3.87 in / 98.3 mm
    Weight1.59 lbs / 721.21 g

    89 Rescue Tool with Cable Cutter

    Made to America’s Highest Standards in Meadville, Pennsylvania, “Tool City”, USA.